What Patients Need To Know About Complementary And Alternative Medicine In Dentistry

What Patients Need To Know About Complementary And Alternative Medicine In Dentistry

The use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) has been studied extensively. As dentistry is a traditional approach based on medicine and science, with a focus on patient health additional initiatives from complimentary fields have not always received attention. The profession is open the emergence of alternative diagnostic and treatment protocols where proven effectiveness is there. The provision of expert dental care must be based on sound scientific training and protocols with long established effectiveness.

Some experts are more open than others at integrating newly emerging treatments in their practice. In many instances further study and application is required to determine the effectiveness. And there are differing levels of understanding and awareness among experts and patients alike. Additionally some therapies are considered as more of a placebo than a proven treatment protocol. All healthcare interventions must follow testing and research to determine safety and effectiveness.

Complimentary therapies include acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic, reflexology, massage and many more like hypnotherapy. In many instances the CAM can be used for relaxation and general health. For example if a patient is nervous about a procedure then a complimentary therapy may be helpful in relaxing the patient in order to prepare for treatment. However the fact is that patients have teeth and gums that need to be cared for, and no level of complimentary therapy will be able to care for teeth.

However CAM can offer solutions to nervous patients who may be less likely to book appointments because of the fact that they are nervous about going to the dentists, patients can find out more and decide on the best option for them. Anxiety and nervousness is very common and when this gets in the way of a patient attending regular dental check ups and having the treatments that they need in a timely manner, the CAM can help. Depending on individual requirements and patient preferences a choice of CAM options can be reviewed. There are also cost implications which may or may not be covered by insurance.

Once a patient has reviewed CAM options, they will be in a position to decide on the therapy to use in order to improve their health and lifestyle. For example if a patient struggles with anxiety and confidence, hypnotherapy may be the best option, whereas if a patient is nervous and tense, massage may be the best option. There are also considerations around the length of treatment, and these will all need to be reviewed alongside a treatment plan. CAM has the potential to help patients improve their health and lifestyle, when used alongside traditional dental and health care.

Contact your dental practitioner today to discuss your dental care and search for reviews and CAM experts near you to enhance your overall health and confidence, your expert will be pleased to discuss options with you. Patients must also remember to attend regular dental appointments to achieve their optimal dental health and smile, doing so important both individually and as a family. You can find dental and CAM experts in your area by browsing association websites and reading customer reviews.

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